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New Products Coming

In this section you will find products we are looking at for the future
> 500cc 4x4, 2 seater buggy
> 1800cc 2 seater buggy
> 1100cc 2 seater buggy
> 800cc 2 seater buggy

Customers Buggies
ktm vsmall
KTM 525 buggy
Check out daniels buggy, baja 250 converted. More...
Mick's 250 baja
Check out mick's ride with 17" chrome rims.
David's V1000 baja
Fully modified from top to bottom.
. More...

Welcome to our products page
Here you will find a selection of the hottest buggies around, we have done extensive researce to find the most exciting and well built buggies available, no buying plans with great intension to build you own dream buggy, to find it sitting there in your garage half built 2 years later with no ejoyment only a pile of metal going rusty, then to be sold at a lost on ebay as seen time & time again.

Our buggies are sold fully built or in the crate to assemble yourself, this will save a few hundred dollers, buggies in the crate are 90% assembled, the parts to make them smaller in the crate have been removed from the factory after fully assembly has been made in the factory, this is to make shipping cheaper from the factory and to your door, things like wheels, roll cage, seat, steering wheel , fuel tank, radiator etc:, simple enough for most diy mechanics to carry out.

Please click on the photos below to veiw your chosen product, there you will find more information with specifications and some vidoes. 

baja250small tongafrsmall
Baja 301 single seater buggy
The best 300cc single seat buggy out the crate in Australia. click on photo for full info
Tonga 500cc 4x4 UTV
The best 4x4 utility vehicle in Australia, fully auto with high/low range gears. click on photo for full info
110buggy-main-small baja 300cc buggy
Baja 110cc twin seater buggy
The best small kids buggy around. click on photo for full info
Baja 302 twim seater buggy
The best adult twim seater around. click on photo for full info 
110atv baja2000
Baja 1100cc Buggy
Special order only at this stage.
 Baja 2000 2 seater
 special order only
500buggy  2000cc4
500cc 4x4 buggy
Demo model here now! 
 Baja 2000 4 seater
 Special order only.